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If you answer yes to any of these questions, the Bit Perfect Trial™ might be for you: YOU RIDE IN A VARIETY OF BITS This is highly recommended by many trainers because bits are a tool designed to send a specific message to your horse. There are days when you want a relaxed ride and [...]

Choosing the Right Curb Strap to Increase Bit Functionality and Performance Types of Curb Straps and Curb Chains Curb straps or curb chains are an important part of bit and headstall functionality, whether you ride Western or English. The material and the adjustment of the curb will [...]

This solo camping trip with a seasoned mare gave me a chance to test out a few new trail riding bits and enjoy the beautiful Hill Country of South Texas. The Horse This is a 17-year old Quarter Horse mare who has packed a teen around for the past five years, competing in everything [...]