Myler Western Dee with Hooks and Correctional Low Wide Port 41PBW

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Brand : Myler


The Myler® Correctional Low Wide Port Western Dee with MB 41PBW mouthpiece is a Level 2-3 bit that offers significant tongue relief. The port has a staggered or tiered design. The base of the port is generously wide with rounded corners, offering virtually the same level of comfort and tongue relief as a Level 3 mouthpiece when the reins are relaxed. When the reins are engaged, the port will collapse and rotate on to the tongue to apply some tongue pressure. The curved mouthpiece permits the horse to swallow more freely and distributes pressure evenly. Independent Side Movement™ allows the rider to isolate one side of the bit for bending, balancing or lifting a shoulder. Stainless steel with sweet iron mouth and copper inlay.

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Weight 10.4 oz
Dimensions 3 × 6 × 1 in
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